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Getting Started If you are new here and have general questions about how to get started please post them here. How It Works Are you wondering how a certain part of AgOpenGPS works? Post your question here. One of the most important features of this project is we can learn about the techniques and algorithms that convert GPS position into useful information.
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Step by step guide for beginners

Download and install AgOpenGPS on a Windows computer. See this Downloading AgOpenGPS section on the specifics or watch this quick video for beginners. When first running the program you will find that it is in simul…

2 October 19, 2019
WIKI Settings

All about the main settings in AgOpenGPS UDP Settings: These settings normally require no change since they match the settings in the individual Arduino modules. If you do not need ethernet - uncheck udp. This is u…

10 October 17, 2019
WIKI Boundary and Guidance LInes

here comes the wiki for it

2 October 17, 2019
WIKI Setting Up Autosteer with PCB

Step 1: Build a PCB board. When you install AgOpenGPS a folder will appear on your desktop containing a PCB folder where you will find the schematic of the PCB, a gerber file and a BOM (Bill Of Materials) file. Upload …

2 October 17, 2019
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Languages and Translations

Hi, I am new to AOG, located in Spain. I am hobbist of GNSS, other sats signals and DIY electronics in general. I helped a friend to make configuration in agro guidance using Cerea program some yrs ago, but for different…

22 February 12, 2020
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